first off…a big thank you to all that came and supported me during the open studios weekend. had some great reactions and discussions about the new work. i am planning some “mini” open studios at my own space in the upcoming months. first one is planned for mid-december as a holiday studio show. check back soon!

just a quick blog to update all with what’s coming around the corner…

in the next few weeks i’ll be working on two commission pieces for a new client. one is 38 x 56 x 2.5 inches and the other is 24 x 12 x 2 inches. the larger one is going to be in my orange hues, with some structural feel with the white and dark brown/orange colors i use (similar to “compassionate industrialist”, which is on the site). the other one will focus in on my blue hues with the contrast of textural white. i plan on showing the evolution and process of the “commission piece” here as i go.

also, i’ll be preparing for a meeting with city art gallery in the mission on november 10. this is an opportunity for me to show them some of my paintings and discuss joining their coop gallery. it’s a great opportunity and looking forward to it! will keep you posted.

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