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introducing new color palette in my new series of work

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

the start of a new series can always been an exciting time, but can always be a little nerve racky too. lots of decisions to make: where do I want to push the paintings, more texture, more open depths of fields, subtle hints of white or more in the foreground, etc…lots of things to consider and map out. I am trying to slow things down more with my art these days-take each part of the process and break it down, see if I can make my seemingly simplistic texture more complex in nature and take the work (to quote mad tv) to a “whole nother level.”. one way I’m trying to stretch and push myself is going far outside my comfort level with my color palette to boldly go where I have never gone before. I’m working with primarily mauve, magenta and purple tones…but it would be my paintings if I didn’t infuse my deep reds, oranges and white into the mix. I’m starting to get he feel a bit for the new colors, a few are attached. hopefully the colors are showing through.