Raymond Difley has explored the precepts of art since childhood. Difley received a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Liberal Studies from CSU Hayward. His career has afforded numerous solo and group shows in and around the Bay Area. Notable exhibitions include a two-person show at 66 balmy, Prelude at Public Glass where Difley’s paintings were featured among five participating artists, Art Gotham’s By the Light of the Chandelier in New York and California Modern’s, The Best of California Modern Gallery 2006. He has also appeared in several publications, most notably the Fine Arts Magazine and the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California. Today, in addition to being an exhibiting artist, Difley is an art teacher at an elementary school in San Mateo, which assists in nurturing his creative aspirations.

Innate aptitude and invaluable influences have jointly fostered Difley’s artistic evolution. A respected college professor impelled his decision to become a professional artist by commenting on his profound connection to the canvas. His prominent influences include such artist as Jackson Pollock for emotionality he exuded both in execution and resulting composition, Anselm Kiefer for his style and monumental artworks, and Wassily Kandinsky his stylistic choices in color, shape and design. Difley has and continues to work tirelessly at refining his craft, responding to an instinctual urge for creative expression that has evolved into his life’s vocation.