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last updated: july 26. 2007

raymond difley news: as some of you know may or may not know, i became the proud father of a baby girl (mia ray), who was born on september 20, 2006. undeniably, she is the best thing to ever happen to my wife and i. my life has been filled with new joys and challenges and it has taken until now to get back into the studio. it has been quite a challenge but i am managing to find the balance and get back into gear.

i am currently working on some new and exciting pieces that you will be able to see during this year’s san francisco open studios. in addition to preparing for this event, i have also kept busy researching galleries, both in th ebay area and nationally to build potential partnerships. i will keep you informed of any positive outcomes.

new paintings:

you can view some of my recent paintings at myartspace.com by clicking on this link: http://tinyurl.com/2uh35y. myartspace.com is a website based community out of new york which allows people to find and display art online.

upcoming shows:

san francisco open studios: this year, open studios will be at my group studio at 603 tennessee street. i will be showing with 3 amazing artists – rae douglass, petra dufoo and colin hoisington. we will participate during weekend 3 – october 27-28 from 11am – 6pm. click here to find out more information about san francisco open studios: http://artspan.org/open_studios.php

all the best to you,

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“a life summed up in art is a beautiful thing…” -unknown

“the more you complicate things, the more you lose.” -wolfgang laib, photographer

“painting is the opposite of death. it permits one to survive.” -joan mitchell, artist

“it’s that spontaneous moment, thought or accident that becomes the nonaccident.” -anonymous

“abstract art is not the creation of another reality but the true vision of reality.” -p. mondrian

“jackson broke the ice” -r. diebenkorn

“the city expresses modern life, it produces abstract art. and this kind of art will create among us a profoundly rich and human beauty.” -p. mondrian