In my current work, I attempt to portray moments inspired by reflections from the surrounding environment. I explore interesting ways to interpret my observations, which are conscious and/or subconscious through tactical abstraction. Such imagery is drawn from objects or impressions that are intangible but perceptible, such as shadows formed from architectural structures and distant landscapes. As I progress find the subconscious taking over at the jumping off point of the paintings.

My style is characterized by layered compositions, permeated with soothing color arrangements. The palette I employ indicates a natural gravitation to deep shades of blue, orange and red, yet juxtaposed with bold complimentary colors and the incorporation of white to create contrast and depths in space and texture. Such stylistic expansion is resultant of my attempt to create strong works of art in which colors play off one another, lending to a multifaceted interplay between subtle gradations of tones and hues.

Palpable depth and surface texture are accentuated through my use of a palette knife, lending to a multi-dimensional feel. My paintings are layered with multiple applications of paint using sturdy foam brushes that provide seamless brushstrokes, which affords the movement and depth in the overall composition.

My experimentation with abstraction is an ongoing process as I continuously strive to challenge my style and technique in effort to develop new ways of visually translating various subject matters. I employ a process that opens my mind to figural experimentation and conceptual principles. This procedure, coupled with acute attention to detail, culminates in captivating works filled with textural and visual intricacies that guide the eye through the composition. The viewer is thus invited to engage in a visual experience enabling them to delve into all of the minute complexities inherent in the painting, ultimately affording perceptual stimulus and a lasting impression.