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a sale, is a sale, is a sale…

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

a sale, is a sale, is a sale…

last two years have been especially slow for me in regards to sales of my art…times are tough (not going to throw that “r” word out there), so as things really slowed down I started to shift my focus…sometimes I get too tunnel vision for my own good: “things aren’t selling, so let’s look at my 5-7 year goals (and not purposely, but all the same not think about the “now”). what I mean by this is start to try and establish relationships with galleries that will help with building my art career and ignore/ sacrifice revenue/sales in the now! I know what you must be thinking now–“that’s utterly crazy!”. maybe even “he’s insane!”. and both those may be correct!! well, as summer wound down I found my focus on both the here and now and the 5-7 year plan converging in my brain, co-existing, but more importantly working together as a partnership…the now, exploring all opportunities that will potentially lead to sales & exposure now, that can lend to some stability/support financially now and could lead to future opportunities…you never know where your next opportunity will come from! I could list quite a few examples here…

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david hockney and the iphone

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

david hockney has an affinity for the iphone app, brushes…one of my parents from work passed this article along from nytimes.

pretty cool what he has done here. i’ve downloaded it, but no time to master yet. let me know what you think.